Services Provided

If your child required specialized medical attention, you’d go to the ends of the earth
to obtain it. We understand. As physicians, we at Cameric Global Health Services have made it our life’s work to seek out America’s premier providers of pediatric surgical care, and make them available to families around the world. 

More than a medical referral service, Cameric Global Health Services actively provides access to locally unavailable medical services, accommodation to individual needs, and advocacy – clinically, financially, and culturally – in pursuit of the most positive possible outcomes for your child and your family.

Services provided
•Initial needs assessment to determine what, if any, additional testing is needed
and the appropriate specialty/subspecialty referrals.
•Overseeing the collaboration and information exchange between the
referring physician and specialists so that all necessary data will be available
for the initial consultation. 

•Coordinating medical appointments. 
•Negotiating rates on your behalf.
•Coordinating medical appointments.
•Arranging air or ground transportation. 
•Assisting family members with banking, visa, passport, hotels and local
•Meeting families at the airport.
•Accompanying you and your child to initial appointments.
•Providing explanations, emotional support and care oversight throughout your stay.
•Ensuring that all care information and records reach your referring physician.
•Explaining billing procedures of the hospital, physicians and other providers.
•Coordinating the availability of translators.
•Maintaining a care environment that is appropriate and sensitive to your
cultural needs.